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Unity Game Development Services

Unity is an engine for game development, also used for creating mobile applications having 3d models. Due to its 3D opportunities, the engine can be used for any field of development, needing to present objects in 3D.

What software on Unity we create

Unity Game development

Creating games is the main mission of Unity because primarily it is a game engine. Mobile games, video games, launched on any platform are also the point.

3D Business presentations

Sometimes, we need to create some model to present it as a visual example for the target audience. Using modeling, you can depict any business offer, presents any chart.

Unity App development, 3D visualizations

Showrooms, interiors, presentations of the environment, 3d panorama as a selling proposition. It could be also realized in e-commerce, creating mobile shops with online and live visualizations.

Virtual Reality

VR technology spans different fields as medical, game, educational, etc. We can implement any products on VR, because we have got experience in this technology, making a game and educational projects for local organizations. True Concept Digital has had experience with delivering Unity 3d Game development services with VR/AR platform integration.

Augmented Reality

Similar technology keeping in step with VR, usually preferable for e-commerce, education, PR and marketing. It can also be an efficient tool for a presentation, but with a more entertaining accent.

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