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.Net Application Development Services

.NET is a rather popular platform that can be applied to a field whatever you choose. We can say that we achieved sufficient mastering of the technology and can implement any tech idea in .NET as well.

What software based on .NET we create

Software for desktop

It can be corporate programs for PC, helping in business management, or other net applications. The most popular realization of .NET development befits to Windows OS. Here, we use such tech stack as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Language Integrated Query (LINQ).


Using an ASP.NET tool we can develop any website and web application, applying such tools as WebForms, MVC5, .NET Core.

Mobile Applications

Sometimes, the platform is used by us for mobile development, if a customer wants to create an app for Windows Phone. So, this kind of .Net application development services is also in demand. This branch is not popular, but we can do it by request, using SilverLight, UWP.

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